Infant Frenectomy

How do you know your baby has a tie?

Tethered oral tissues can cause many problems in infants mainly related to feeding.  Symptoms for your baby can include but are not limited to:

Infant Frenectomy

What are some symptoms that you might have?

Infant frenectomy

Team approach

While the above symptoms are linked to tethered oral tissues, there are other scenarios and conditions that can cause similar issues.  This stresses the importance of working with a team of professionals to rule out other problems. 

These professionals may include IBCLCs, SLPs, chiropractors and pediatricians.  It is recommended to have an evaluation with a support provider prior to your appointment.  If you are looking for additional help or a provider, please call the office for a referral.

Infant Frenectomy

What to Expect when Dr. poulsen examines Your baby

Dr. Poulsen will perform a thorough oral assessment to check structures and function.  She will assess the baby’s suck and check for lip, tongue, and cheek ties.