Payment/Insurance Options

Yes, dental care is an investment in your overall health.  At Princess City Dental Care, we are not insurance-driven, but patient-care driven. When you are ready to invest in your dental health, we’ll work with you to find a way. Fees, of course will vary with individual needs. In every case, we will look for the best solution and quality result. With this in mind, we will sit down together and go over our best estimate, as it pertains to you. Be assured, you will always receive full disclosure of the fees involved in your care.

At Princess City Dental Care we appreciate the opportunity to take care of your dental care needs. Our practice strives to provide the best quality of care and to make it possible for you to receive the treatment you need.

Our general policy is to expect payment at the time of service. Princess City Dental Care files all insurance claims for our patients. While we may be out of network with your insurance plan, we find that most patients can use their benefits at our office.  We will work with you to ensure you receive your maximum insurance coverage.

As there are many individual insurance plans, please call our office today to speak with our team to discuss your plan and unique needs.

We, at Princess City Dental Care, want to help you achieve the dental health you deserve. That is why we are a participant with Care Credit Financing that often enables you to get very low (even 0%) interest rates on needed dental care work.

Care Credit offers interest free loans for up to 12 months and low interest options to extend payment as long as 60 months. We’ll help you devise a method of payment best suited to your needs. Please visit the Care Credit website for more information or to apply online.